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add me on facebook if you have one... [16 Aug 2006|11:22am]
[ mood | curious ]

Julie Hirshan's Facebook profile

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this would be such a good title for a song [01 Feb 2006|12:20am]
[ mood | tired ]

you look awfully happy for someone who just got bitchslapped

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asdfjkl; [28 Jan 2006|08:53pm]
[ mood | tired ]

i haven't posted in FOREVER.
i want to start using LJ again because i think its a fab place to get music downloads from wonderful people willing to share... as long as i share enough with them.

also, i realized that other people reading my life wont really help me all that much. uhhhh, i have a paper journal now & find that's useful. on here, i was always worried about hurting someone's feelings or saying something that everyone except for one person was allowed to know.

but ill try to give little updates now & again. general life ones.

like today i got a seasonal disney pass so i could go on Expedition Everest Passholder Preview. and so i can go back all this semester & next semester. sweeet.

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it's been awhile [30 Aug 2005|08:25pm]
[ mood | squirming w/ anticipation ]

ok so i am here at college, in Florida. whoo hoo
we went to Disney today. we hit up the Magic Kingdom. Molly, Sarah & I all hung out. we went on Space Mountain about 4 times, and Splash Mountain 2 times, as well as other random rides including: Jungle Safari, Big Thunder Mtn Railroad, Magic Kingdom Railroad, TTA, Carousel of Progress, Buzz Lightyear, the Haunted Mansion, the Peter Pan Ride, It's a Small World, and possibly some others. we watched Van Wilder there & back. on the way back we were on the bus with.... someone who's hott. and we sat in the front near him haha. i am such a dork-- dont even know people but already i think this one kid is really hott and ive talked to him a couple times even.
classes start tomorrow.... i have a placement test & 8 am and then my 1st class @ 10am. i dont know if im going to change my schedule... i am certainly going to try.
my roommate, Gina, is really cool. our room is very nifty & it feels pretty comfy already. we're a lot alike and we get along well. we made cool door signs :)
but she told me she's transfering. and i dont want her to because she's cool. but that's her decision =\
no TV--- AHHH
i missed the SEASON FINALE of the 4400. but a girl on my floor told me what happened... and im hoping to catch a rerun of it. because stupid Limewire is blocked by the school's firewall MF!!
i don't really know what else... ive been watching Friends a lot because it makes me feel like home and the girls. i talked to Melissa, and ive told TONS of people to write me letters and stuff like that. no car... so i'm sorta stuck. but i do have a bike and i want to go to the beach sometime soon. its really nice there.
ok schedule right now:

Intro to the Visual Arts w/ Mr. Patrick M. Miko, MWF, 12pm-12.50pm
English Composition I w/ Dr. Vincent D. Puma, MWF, 10am-10.50am
College Algebra w/ Mr. Don M. Robbins, TR, 9.30am-10.45am
Freshmen Seminar w/ Mr. Thomas Edward Meyer, TR, 8.25am-9.15am
Intro Drama & Literature w/ Ms. Phyllis M. Gibbs, MWF, 11am-11.50am

but im trying for honors english comp... which would mean switching my math class to a different time slot because honors english comp is at the same time... but if i don't get into honors that's ok and i'll be fine with that-- i just want to try and see.
also i dont want visual arts... i hate art. i want to try and switch to Spanish, but i dont know if i can. it wouldnt be that horrible... if it was HS. i dont want to waste $ on a class that i wont like.

i know ive been ignoring my hommies on LJ. and im sorry. hit me up on campus email

i have to check it everyday lol.<3

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GUESS WHAT [05 Aug 2005|11:01am]
omg i have the most amazing news EVER
but you have to click here to read....Collapse )
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a loaded god complex, cock it & pull it [04 Aug 2005|12:54am]
[ mood | upset ]

first off
i haven't updated in a while so i guess i'll just talk about the past couple days. cause it's been rad.
sunday i slept all day and waited for kdawg to call me but she didnt so i just waited til everybody got home from boating (the fam went with Hally + Laura) and then we went out to Applebee's with Hally and Bobby Brenick was our waiter and this guy Bobby that used to work @ Friendly's was also there haha it was great. Hally stole a potholder that was on her desert skillet. my parents found out 2 days later and they were slightly less than amused. then we came home and i made Hally watch Head of State and then The 4400. she slept over.
monday i went to work and then Rick had to go to the doctor's so i stayed until around 5:30pm, then dropped off a prescription @ CVS, and then went to subway and then i ended up picking Ali & Maddy up @ Laura's. then we went home. blah blah blah. obviously we watched Laguna Beach on the 10spot.
tuesday i stayed at work until 3.45pm, and then i came home. i guess i lost track of time watching tv (as usual) because i watched Law & Order and The X-Files and put a washcloth on my eye (because i have a stupid stye) and then i decided that i wanted to go out to dinner. pretty much because Lauren was coming over and i didnt feel like driving all the way down to Conway and back, and then driving there and back again later to drop her off again. so my dad met us at Applebee's and we had a nice dinner and i saw that Heidi works there now. then my mom went to Cway to pick up La and we came back here and played around on the computer for a while... made popcorn, and watched Real World: Austin to find out what happened to Danny. because we both <3 him. and we had a really fun time we sent this crazy email to Eric McCormack. it was awesome. then it started POURING after we had been watching TV for like hours because we watched The 70s House and they made Ruben leave and LaurLaur was upset. and then we watched a rerun of the Laguna season 2 premiere. so i was going to drive Lauren home but my mom decided that it was too dangerous in the rain, so she got dressed at like 11.30 and got in the car. and as soon as we left the house, it stopped raining so it was fine but i was tired so it was all good.
Wednesday [today] work. was supposed to meet Kate & La @ the Met around 3.45-- but when i got there Lauren had just gotten there so we waited around for Kate... then we decided that Kate was at horseback riding so we couldn't call her house... and we didn't have her Cell #, so we went to the NoCo public library to try and go on Myspace because Kate left her cell # there for Lauren, but the computers were taken up so we just left to go wait by the Met. we called Kate's mom @ home to get her cell # and she said she was working so we were confused. we went to Zeb's and then we went to the playground. and then Kate called to say her lesson ran late and then she had to work and she just got done and this was like 5.15 and she had a bad day. and then she asked if we wanted to go to Friendly's w/ her and Liz and Kate Corrow and Sarah. so we got $, gas, and headed over. but then Kate Corrow, Sarah, and Liz didn't end up coming, but Tasha showed up. Micah was our waiter, and it's his BIRTHDAY TODAY and he couldnt even get it off we were sad for him. but he was a really good waiter. me & Lauren had good chicken on a Stick. haha. and me & Kate had coneheads. then we decided we should get Micah some birthday present so we went to Settler's green and we just HAD to stop by PacSun and Logan was supposed to come to the Met today but he couldn't.... we told him to bring Steve but he said that Steve was working at 5pm. so we knew Steve was at PacSun. when we got there, Kate started talk to Andra about this sweatshirt that Micah got a PacSun GC from his parents to buy... and Lauren asked if Steve was working. and Andra said he was in the back room and did we want her to get him? i said yes haha and he came out & talked to us and OMG he looked DELICIOUS his hair was incredible. he used gel to make it stick out randomly in a wicked Emo-type way. and he was wearing a black pinstripe longsleeve button down shirt, with a volcom black tee over it. and it looked GOOD. because hes so skinny he can pull anything off. he was really nice and we talked about a lot of stuff... him not moving to Mass, me not moving to Florida until January, Katie moving to Alaska, Lauren living in Alaska, PacSun being expensive, Micah's bday. Kate tried on the sheep sweatshirt inside out and i took a picture. it was good. i was pretty cool i don't think i acted giggly a lot when we were talking to him. so that was good. i'm really glad we saw him because i hadn't in a while. then he had to go back to folding pants or something. so we went over to Claire's and got Micah really random 15 things for $5... like orange & yellow flower hairties because his birthday horoscope said that orange & yellow are his new fav colors for this year. and like princess headbands and a pink whale visor, and a "Very Important Princess" set and a plastic fried egg and a necklace with a "M" with fake jewels and a whole mess of other stuff. and i got 2 purses... a yellow dressy one and a blue casual one with a tie shoulder strap that reverses to purple. and then we went back to Friendly's to get Micah his presents. we hunted for his new Saab but didn't find it and saw some of his coworkers wearing items such as the headband with streamers and the whale visor. then Kate brought Lauren home. oh by the way Simon Bliss works at Friendly's and Jess VT works at Ben & Jerry's and Mike Wade (who is very hott) had a Ben & Jerry's party.

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tomorrow night. [01 Aug 2005|07:45pm]
[ mood | excited ]

tomorrow night @ 10pm... is the new REAL WORLD: AUSTIN
Lauren's coming over to watch it with me...... and if you want to come too you should comment or IM me or something!!
it'll be a good time. even if you're not into the Real World... come over & hang.

and also... you *know* you want to know what happened to DANNY! aww what a cutie you gotta find out!

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[26 Jul 2005|02:18pm]
lately, stuff has been going on.
i went to Cheerleading camp. that was an okay time. i had a rough first couple of days, but then my counsellor talked to me a little bit and he made me feel better. yah it was a he haha.
before i left i went to see Charlie & the Chocolate Factory with my parents & Grace. and we saw Steve haha.
then when i got home from cheerleading camp i RACED to Walden books to get HPnumero6 and read it in 6 days (yikes that was sorta a long time) and it was so incredibly good i cried a lot and i'm mad that it's over because i love escaping into that world. the movie's out in NOVEMBER.
um, i saw Charlie & the Chocolate Factory this weekend with Meliss. and also The Wedding Crashers w/ Grace haha I "snuck her in" lmfao
bought Plain Truth, Waterworld, Cry-Baby Director's Cut, and Laguna Beach Season 1. i don't know if i said that already

we were going to go on a trip to Mexico w/ Grace for my bday. but she didnt want to go. so then me and my mom and dad picked Italy. but then actually Grace DOES want to go so we had to change everything again and we're all going to Disney (and by all, i mean just me and my mom and dad and Grace and not Ali & Maddy)

i don't really know what else. bad stuff is happening at work right now so i'm going to end this.
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car keys, sunglasses, and summer days [12 Jul 2005|02:26pm]
so i'm sitting here in the office, reading Dancing in my Nuddy-Pants: Even Further Confessions of Georgia Nicolson and looking out the window. what is happening? the poor little boy that works here is washing my car for me. and Rick just fixed my wheel so that it doesn't scrape and make a horrid sound anymore. and checked my tire pressure & pumped up one of my tires. and checked that the oil filter is on snug. and made me order new left rear moulding for my car. and new glass for the passenger mirror. and told me i'll be getting my own tire pressure gauge, since there isn't one in my car.
it's a rather nice day. Jess stopped by here about her broken glove box, and i went to the bank and the post office. yesterday i saw Miriah walking 'round C-way.
and i went to the movies w/ Kathleen and her sister last night. it was really interested. we left at about 6.35 for a 6.40 movie and arrived around 7, but the movie hadn't started yet. the previews were still finishing up by the time we waltzed in to Mr. & Mrs. Smith [if you haven't seen it... i'd recommend it only if you like chick flicks. and if you have... tell me what you thought of it]

i also downloaded a bunch of pictures off my phone in the event that i can't take my camera with me to Weezer tonight!
ah i am becoming such a cool person and going to lots of shows. i hope this will continue into the fall and also into next year down in Fla.

in other news, i had a not-so-beautiful letdown. i am not going to school in the fall. i have been rejected as an incoming freshman for the 2005 fall semester, but there is an invitation for me to accept a spot for the winter//spring semester in January 2006. hmph. of course i'm going, but i'm pretty bummed out. :(

so i guess i'll spend "first sememster" around in places like Philly to see Elizabeth & her family, Chicago to see Lauren & Emily and Jen & Tom (and NOT TIM arg) and then to Cali to visit with Faith, Scott & Josh. and possibly Noah even tho he is in Santa Barbara and not Tarzana like them.

so i am a touch worried about driving to Lewiston this evening. i haven't ever done it before, although i think it should be fine. it's only about a 2 hour drive. and Maine is just... you know. Maine. haha. i just have to remember to call my mom 3 times. because i had a dream last night that i forgot to call her. aahhhh. i always have dreams after i wake up in the morning, and then fall back asleep after i hit "snooze" on my alarm clock. i dream about my day, and then i wake up and think it already happened. i'm crazeeeeee.

and in August sometime Grace & me might get to go on a trip together somewhere. my parents are going to either the coast of Maine or Nova Scotia, and while we're invited, we are also allowed to go someplace alone. that would be cool, although it would entail me like, renting a car and then doing some nuts like DRIVING AROUND A CITY or something like that. even though that would be the bomb. and i am so ready for that.

and i can't stay w/ Melissa until i'm 18. so i guess, that's what i would have done that week and now i don't have to and i also couldn't have, anyways.
urm, i guess that's it for a bit. it's so SUNNY.

have a good afternoon, yall.
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new Switchfoot CD [29 Jun 2005|10:21pm]
[ mood | excited ]

the Switchfoot show was so awesome.

i heard "Stars"... the first single from their new album. i'm so excited for Nothing is Sound to come out on September 13 :) !!

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Relient K "Mmhmm" lyrics. [29 Jun 2005|01:17pm]
because sometimes i just need to read lyrics. and sometimes, other people enjoy them too.

one of my fav pics.

The One I'm Waiting ForCollapse )

Be My EscapeCollapse )

High of 75Collapse )

I So Hate ConsequencesCollapse )

The Only Thing Worse Than Beating A Dead Horse Is Betting On OneCollapse )

My Girl's Ex-BoyfriendCollapse )

More Than UselessCollapse )

Which To Bury, Us Or The Hatchet?Collapse )

Let It All OutCollapse )

Who I Am Hates Who I've BeenCollapse )

Maintain ConsciousnessCollapse )

This Week The TrendCollapse )

Life After Death and TaxesCollapse )

When I Go DownCollapse )
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people i have seen recently [28 Jun 2005|11:45am]
[ mood | at work ]

~ Who? Matt Madison. Where? Grant's. What went down? He complimented me on my car. Asked about graduation. Reaction? Creeped out! He's going to jail!

~ Who? Michelle Sullivan, Luke & Rory's mom. Where? The UPS Store. What went down? She said hi to me and called me by name. Reaction? Surprised. She remembers my name... and was very polite to me.

~ Who? Patricio! Where? Wal*Mart. What went down? I saw him in the DVD section with this other kid from our school and he said hi. Reaction I'm very surprised he said 'hi' to me. I'm surprised he remembered me.

~ Who? Mr. Larson. Where? His crib. What went down? Me, Logan, Kristen & Lauren knocked on his door, met his bro, and then sat down in his living room to talk to him. We met his son, who played with me with his toy airplane and took my flip-flops and tried to put them on. Hah. I told him our class was just difficult because we were all bright kids and used to easily getting good grades in English. We were happy to be challenged. Reaction? Good. Larson wasn't my favorite teacher, but I felt bad about what happened, and I thought visiting him & saying something nice would be an appropriate gesture.

~ Who? Aaron Marsh of Copeland. Where? Copeland/Howie Day/Switchfoot Concert at Meadowbrook! What went down? Me and Melissa walked up to him, asked him to sign our tickets, and then I asked him to take a picture with me. He said yes, so I whipped out my phone. And he said "oh, the old camera phone." It was pretty hilarious:) Reaction? Very lucky to have met him. It was pure luck that me and Melissa went to get food and a drink at the exact same time that he was chilling outside of the pavillion between his & Howie Day's sets.

That's all for now. Pictures coming soon. I .p.r.o.m.i.s.e.

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now that we're here, so far away [21 Jun 2005|07:55pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

a couple days after graduation, we got to do whatever Julie wanted :)

that doesn't excuse what you didCollapse )
that's all for now, bloggers :P

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i suck at describing stuff. so i'll leave it to the camera [21 Jun 2005|07:17pm]
[ mood | tired ]

for father's day, we went on the boat w/ my dad.

KEZAR, MAINECollapse )

then we went out to dinner

THE MOATCollapse )

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the night of graduation i was an angel. [21 Jun 2005|12:22am]
[ mood | tired ]

after graduation, i came home and downloaded pictures onto my computer, and got ready to go. my mom drove me down and then the rest of my family (including my gram and Melissa) came and watched the recital. as did Shelly :)

happy tappin' with elmo... and moreCollapse )

la de daaa
they're making a movie of Rent. im excited.

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(not just) an ordinary day [20 Jun 2005|04:29pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

so, i graduated on Saturday.

if you wanna see the glory that began in the lobby and ended in the gym...Collapse )
more to come, from the Dance Recital & from Friendly's!! ahh i love posting pictures!!! :-D

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it's too damn hot [12 Jun 2005|11:48pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

too lazy to even x/post this

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J is for June, Julie, and Jason [12 Jun 2005|02:28pm]
[ mood | blah ]


oh i guess that means he's a little old for me. well... we'll just see about that...

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not-quite-belated, just yet. [09 Jun 2005|10:01pm]
[ mood | a little upset ]

♥Happy 42nd, Johnny♥
Happy 24th, Natalie Portman
Happy 13th, Freddie Highmore
Happy 44th, Michael J Fox

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[09 Jun 2005|09:08pm]
[ mood | cold ]

i am considering applying to another rating community or twoCollapse )

3 more days of classes........

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